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Main: crusher equipment such as jaw crusher, sand crusher



The company not only has reliable products and experienced after-sales service team, but also keeps up with the trend, applies Internet technology to all aspects of the company's production and operation, actively carries out Internet marketing, and provides you with the company's product information and technical services in a timely manner. I believe that you need more than just a product, but also a comprehensive after-sales service. Our crusher not only pays attention to product technology and quality, but also is willing to provide you with heart, peace of mind, peace of mind and worry-free service.

Instruct customers to configure the applicable device model based on customer needs.
Provide technical information such as equipment list, equipment layout diagram, civil infrastructure diagram, equipment installation diagram, etc. for reference.
We can design and manufacture products according to customer requirements.
Free engineering technicians to guide the user to plan the site, design the installation process and plan for reference.

Produced in strict accordance with relevant technical standards.
Test the machine according to the relevant provisions of the equipment test machine.
Strict inspection of products before leaving the factory.
Organize shipments in time according to the contract.

After sale
Freely assign special after-sales service personnel to the site to guide customers to install and debug, commissioning, and on-site training operators.
Three packs of equipment are implemented, and the warranty period is one year (except for normal wear, wearing parts and parts damaged due to improper operation). During the warranty period, if the domestic customer's equipment fails, our company guarantees that the user's telephone will arrive at the scene in time. Troubleshoot and ensure the normal production of users.

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