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Impact crusher features

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1. The back plate of the rotor can withstand the high moment of inertia of the rotor and the impact crushing force of the hammer.
2. Optimized design into low-speed, multi-crushing chamber impact crusher, its line speed is reduced by 20%-25% compared with the general counter-attack, and high production capacity is achieved with low energy consumption.
3. It has the functions of three-stage crushing and shaping, so the crushing ratio is large, the shape of the product is cubic, and it can be selectively crushed.
4. Reasonable hammer structure, with the advantages of fast loading and unloading, multiple transposition, etc., can greatly shorten the time of changing the hammer
5. With the new manufacturing technology, a high wear resistance and high toughness chromium, molybdenum and vanadium alloy materials have been successfully developed to solve the problem of fracture of hard materials. Greatly improve the service life of the hammer
6. Counter-toothed plate, no key connection, easy maintenance, economical and reliable
7. Counter-attack with a multi-functional hydraulic station, with hydraulic high-speed discharge gap, counter-attack plate stable vibration and automatic opening of the body and other functions

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