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Performance characteristics of dewatering screen

2019/09/16 10:12:06   2799 Click
1. The vibration motor of the dewatering screen is easy to replace. The rubber spring of the base is used for shock absorption, so that the amplitude is not large, and the vibration is slow and can be cleaned off.
2. Can be customized according to the output and water content, the side panel of the fuselage has a reinforcing plate, the bottom is equipped with support, the bottom is marked with a horizontal bar, the discharge port is supported by a triangular steel plate, the plate is thick.
3. The vibration motor is fixed with high-strength bolts, and the bottom spring is a rubber spring. The quality of the spring will affect the life of the vibration motor. The sieve plate is fixed in a high density, and the sieve plate is provided with a reinforcing rib.
4. After the welder has welded, the weld hole will not appear strictly, and the bottom is supported by channel steel.
5. The mesh hole can be adjusted according to needs, the equipment noise is small, and the dehydration effect is good.
6. Before delivery, the staff will debug it, whether the vibration motor is normal, and whether the vibration exciter is running well, to ensure the quality of the manufactured products for the customer.
7. The added value of the dewatering screen. For products with low mud content, the dewatering screen can also be used directly, and the sand washing machine is not needed, which saves the cost of the customer and can achieve the same effect.

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