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The hidden danger of vibrating screen at high temperature

2019/09/16 15:13:22   3569 Click
1. In the outdoor working vibration screening equipment, it is necessary to pay attention to the construction of the sunscreen sunscreen net or the tent for a long time. Not only will the machine be old and aging, but also the temperature of the vibration screening equipment will be too high to work properly. The efficiency and quality of screening will also result in vibrating screen components. For example, vibration motors and the like are damaged. Vibrating screening equipment working indoors or in mines should pay attention to the adjustment of indoor temperature, as well as ventilation and ventilation. The ambient temperature generally does not exceed 40 ° C, maintaining a good working environment for the vibrating screen.

2. The temperature of the vibrating screening equipment is too high. The vibration of the core component of the vibrating screen is too high. Vibration motor temperature is too high Solution: Vibration motor temperature refers to the actual heating temperature of each part of the vibration electricity. It has a great influence on the insulation material of the vibration motor. If the temperature is too high, the insulation aging will shorten the life of the motor and cause insulation damage. In order to prevent the insulation from aging and damage, the temperature of each part of the vibration motor winding is irregularly limited. This temperature limit is the allowable temperature of the vibration motor.

3. To prevent vibrating screen vibration motor temperature is too high, one point is to choose the appropriate vibration motor, not to save a few dollars, this will not only affect the screening efficiency, so that the screening quality is not up to standard, on the other hand will make the motor overload Running, causing the temperature to be too high, affecting the life of the vibrating screen.

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